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Arena S.p.A. is a German manufacturing company of competitive swimwear created in 1973 by Horst Dassler. The company is currently headquartered in Tolentino, Italy. In 1990, Arena was sold by Adidas to Japanese corporation Descente Ltd., which still commercializes its products. It has subsidiaries in France, Germany, and the United States, and also operates through a global network of distributors and licensees, with a presence in over 100 countries around the world.

A disappointed customer called Carey from the United States shares some thoughts about ARENA Powerskin ST 2.0 in a review written for AMAZON: "This swimsuit is of poor quality and faded after one week of use. After 3weeks seam in the front panel ripped because the material deteriorated. Lasted only three weeks of training daily. Stena says its a racing suit and not meant for training but frankly, a racing suit should last a good bit longer exposure"


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General Manager (Former Employee) says

"This private company is no longer operating. They have sold all their buildings back to the Municipal world. Cons: Long Hours"

Manager (Former Employee) says

"Management fired me because another employee felt intimidated by me with no example. Instead of trying to fix how they felt, management fired both people."

Marquee Erector (Former Employee) says

"If u want to work and have no life this place is perfect, over worked employees who are the arguing between eachother due to stress from management and colleges,"

Employee (Former Employee) says

"at first it was a good place to work. but then the management team changed and the values and work ethic/rules changed with them... i had to quit to find a better place to work."

Temizlik (Former Employee) says

"Zor sartlar altinda calistik insaat ortamiydi ve maasi duzgun vermiyolardi Cons: İnsaat ortami idi"

Najester (Former Employee) says

"Ik vond het leuk werk en gezellig collega samen werken samen zijn. Cons: Langer"

Glass Collector (Former Employee) says

"The job in tells picking up glasses while trying to avoid drunk people not all that fun in truth and defiantly not when thy start a fight or kick of on you for bumb in to you"

Business Analyst (Former Employee) says

"A learning experience Good for freshers, immense scope to learn. Demands long hours of work (weekends included). Be a team player and it should help. Exposure to Global and domestic clients is an added advantage."

Product Manager (Former Employee) says

"Kariyerinize yeni başlıyorsanız çok guzel bir deneyim olacaktır."

Cashier (Former Employee) says

"Days at work tended to feel long due to the lack of customers sometimes. I learnt how to deal with happy, and unhappy customers. It started my journey as a cashier and gave me money handling experience. The management was not very flexible with hours and did not enforce rules for other employees and had very few guidelines. The hardest part of the job was that budget was low so it had to be worked alone during busy times and no one to help with unhappy customers. the most enjoyable part of the job was being able to put a smile on customers faces with little things like their morning coffee and tea as they watched their athletes play sports. Cons: Not overly busy"


"Good working environment Cons: Too many chiefs and not enough Indians"

ORDNER UND SPRINGER (Former Employee) says

"Die Arbeit bei der MVG war stets abwechslungsreich."

Suite Attendant (Former Employee) says

"Working in this environment required the employee to integrate themselves within a challenging yet rewarding customer service role. Naturally any position in the hospitality industry will require dealing with difficult customers but the opportunity to work in such a vibrant and cosmopolitan environment far outweighed any difficulties that could be rendered through the job."

ouvrier manoeuvre coffreure chez arena construct (Former Employee) says

"bonne entreprise"

Teamleiterin Produktion Sloboda (Former Employee) says

"Typische TL Tätigkeiten gefordert; Teamarbeit (Teambildung, Optimierung MA-Qualifikationen); monatlicher Infoaustausch aus dem Management; am schwierigsten war das Bewältigen des Arbeitsvolumens, da keine eigentliche Stv zur Verfügung stand (bloss Teilzeit); gefallen haben die kooperative, professionelle Zusammenarbeit mit dem Produktionsteam und das Selbständig Arbeiten."

Company Representative (Former Employee) says

"Was a good place to work. Management was great, corporate not so great. Cons: pay not competitive"

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